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Service Target

Those with citizenship set up in Tainan City are eligible to participate in an array of relevant family education events held by the center; those with special requests regarding family education may call the 885 help hotline, Xibei Service Center Hotline: 06-6569885 and Xinan Service Center Hotline: 06-2226885). The center’s volunteers will provide counseling over the phone and provide family education services through one-on-one counseling and growth groups.
Service Content

Parenting Education: Refers to the enhancement of parenting education event. 
Children education: Refers to fulfilling the responsibilities of a son or daughter education event.
Gender education: Refers to the enhancement of gender knowledge education event.
Marriage education: Refers to the enhancement of marital relationships education event.
Ethics education: Refers to the enhancement of familial relationships and mutual respect and compassion education event.
Family resources and management education: Refers to the use of family resources and management education event. 
Family education service clients are given first priority for counseling and guidance.

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