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The Promoter of the Cradle of Family Health


The post-modern changes in social value and the emphasis on individualism have conceptually altered the traditional value system. In the post-modern society, there is no clearly demarcated definition of the so-called appropriate "family type" in the sense that post-modern society allows family diversity and differences, including nuclear families, extended families of three generations living together, grandparent-breeding families, single-parent families, new immigrant families, etc. In fact, no two families are identical, and new types of families are seen as a form of adjustment and adaptation, so these differences should be equally accepted and respected.

Family education, social education, and school education are more or less equal in strength. In addition to preparing the community with the concept of respect and acceptance for different types of family members, a family education worker's responsibility is to foster the self-esteem and confidence of different family members, thereby imparting the family-related knowledge, values, and skills needed for the family members to adapt to life. To meet the demand of the times since the Family Education Law was passed, Tainan City was the first to establish a "Tainan County Government Family Education Center" and "Tainan City Family Education Center" in Tainan County and Tainan City in 2005, both of which are Class II agencies under the jurisdiction of the local governments. On December 25th, 2010, the county and city family education centers were combined into the "Tainan City Family education Center", now under the jurisdiction of the Department of Education, Tainan City.

In accordance with the Family Education Act, the Center has promoted preventive programs and counseling programs focused on family education related matters. Of which, the preventive programs include: parenting education, child education, gender education, marriage education, orphanage education, ethics education, family resource management education, etc.; the counseling programs include: Help Me (412-8185) Family Education Inquiry Hotline and an individualized parenthood education program. Through the effort of Director Chang and the colleagues, the performance of the programs has been well received by all levels of executives and has been appreciated by the community. I personally feel proud to be a part of it. 

Family education undertakings must be comprehensively promoted for the long run to yield results. In addition to the professional planning, promotion, and supervision undertaken by the Family Education Center colleagues, special thanks are extended to the social affairs, the policing affairs, and the culture, labor, and health departments for their assistance, as well as the schools (lower than senior high schools), associations, and community universities for their first-line efforts. I truly believe that the completion of such enormous projects is the result of the collaborated efforts and mutual support of the respective units. I earnestly hope that the implementation units can continue to achieve breakthroughs in their work. I also look forward to seeing the center's colleagues uphold the attitude of humility and learning, seek advice with an open mind, solicit resources, and engage in more detailed, thorough, and effective program planning in order to enable the citizens to establish warm, harmonious, and happy homes, and that the center can be the backbone of all families while the children grow up in healthy family environments!


Chief of Department of Education

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