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Recently, the number of suicides has increased while the suicide age is constantly decreasing, as a result, problems such as single parent, step parent and skip generation families as well as dropouts emerge, which indicates the phenomenon of a dysfunctional family. In order to attain the goal of preventing family problems through family education, the Ministry of Education has initiated the “Establish High Risk Family Counseling Network” program in 2007, where school counseling is combined with family education to promote household visits to families with high risk teenagers through the approaches of “School assisting the students” and “Family education center assisting the parents”.

1.Combine school counseling and family education to promote household visits to families with high risk teenagers.
2.Provide the services mostly suited for the case family; combine with the original services offered by the center to expand the scope of service.
3.Capitalize on the expertise of the hired supervisor to enhance the professional knowledge of the volunteers and provide the best service for the case family.

Volunteers learning diligentlyLeft: Psychiatrist Yeh Jin-yuan. Right: Center Director Lin Zheng-wen
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