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Each housewife wishes she had superman powers!

Each working woman wishes that she could simply vanish from the world!

Is the burden of life too heavy to bear?

How do women of the new age be with themselves?

Come join the Women’s Education course held by the Tainan Family Education Center!
You will be guaranteed to benefit from the course and feel good about yourself! (Men are also welcome to join to absorb new knowledge)

What is women’s education?
* Through practical courses, women can learn how to manage their physical/mental health, emotions and develop self potential. This not only improves family education knowledge, but also allows more institutions, schools and civil organizations to gain additional information about women’s education, in turn facilitating its promotion and it enables them to become volunteers for propagating women’s education.

Housewives learning to use a PC, making them women of the new era. Women listening attentively are the most beautiful thing!
Housewives learning to use a PC, making them women of the new era.
Women listening attentively are the most beautiful thing!

What does women’s education teach?

* Diverse and abundant course content: Family management lectures, self-development groups, computer courses, life new knowledge lecture, spiritual recharge course etc.

* Venues include local women’s organizations, community activity centers, schools and community colleges etc.

* 102 courses will be organized in 2011, with an estimated attendance of 4,860.

How to join women’s education lectures and activities?

* Please pay attention to the event announcement on the center’s website and contact the co-organizer to enroll in advance.

* Alternatively, please call Xibei Service Center at (06)6591068.

Xinan Service Center (06)2210510 Women’s education case officer to understand recent event information

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