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Personal faith in marriage influences an individual’s expectation and satisfaction towards courtship, friendship, spouse selection, marrying age and marriage. Once a certain concept towards marriage is accumulated and formed, it will become a guiding principle which restricts and regulates the male/female relationship, as well as the precursor and core for the formation and transformation of various marriage forms.

Despite the fact that everyone wants to carry out their life like Snow White and Prince Charming after getting married, a long lasting marriage is not always a happy marriage, while a stable couple may not always be a happy couple, because it is easier to love each other than to live together. Marital life will be influenced by subjective/objective factors such as gender role, family life cycle, personal trait, values, intimacy, marriage duration, couple’s education level, religion, marriage age, occupation and family income etc. therefore, the way to create a high quality marital life begins by selecting the right companion; marital education plays an indispensable role in the process of spouse selection and living as a couple.

The center promotes marital education through programs such as: Pre-marital education series activities, marital education lecture, happy marriage film study group, couple building camp, marital education seed teacher training and media promotion etc.

2011/5/14~6/14 Pre-marital education social event 2011/5/14~6/14 Pre-marital education social event

2011/5/14~6/14 Pre-marital education social event

2011/5/14 Pre-marital education event
Teacher Zhu Mei-yan’s animated presentation livens up the atmosphere
2011/7/16 Marriage Rhapsody: Film discussions 2011/10/01~02 Senior Couples’ New Paradise
2011/7/16 Marriage Rhapsody: Film discussions
Tainan Quanmei Theater
2011/10/01~02 Senior Couples’ New Paradise
Tainan Yujin Galilee Ecological Park
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