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Due to the low birthrate and an aging population, Taiwan’s family structure has evolved from being caring function oriented with extended families to nucleus families with less emphasis on the caring function. The interaction and contact between different generations has become an important topic in maintaining modern family relationships. As a matter of fact, aside from blood relationships, maintaining intergenerational relationships also requires emotional support, personal trait influence, bilateral interaction and mutual trust.knowledge)

In order to evoke the Taiwanese people’s emphasis on intergenerational interaction and to care about their grandparents, the Ministry of Education has promoted Grandparents’ Day since 2010 to advocate the passing down of family culture and heritage, as well as to highlight the importance of grandparents and intergenerational interactions, so as to break the stereotypical impression of the grandparents as the “Caretaker of Children” in modern society. Moreover, the objective is to reinforce family relationships. Through courses and events, the three primary objectives such as Promoting Grandparents’ Day, Stimulating Intergenerational Communication, Interaction and Intergenerational Learning will be achieved, so as to provide a substantial approach for intergenerational interaction, in turn enhancing the ability for good intergenerational interaction and create happiness and wonderful time between the generations. By organizing the Grandparents’ Day series events, the goal is to create good intergenerational interaction atmosphere, enhance the exchange of affection and promote a more intimate intergenerational relationship, thereby creating a happy, successful and harmonious family life.

2011/8/14 Time Machine: Grandparent and Grandchild Science Camp. Grandpa and his grandson performs DIY together (Danei Tainan Astronomical Education Area) 2011/8/27 Bridge the Generations and Pass Down the Love grandparent and grandchild carnival. Three generations of families play ocarina together (Yonghua Administrative Center, Nandao Rd.)
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