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Tainan District Prosecutors Office has implemented a community life camp for numerous years with significant success. Recently, in consideration of administrative expertise and actual implementation progress, education expertise is gradually infused to achieve greater results. Therefore, the program is co-organized by the Tainan Family Education Center and Tainan District Prosecutors Office and is implemented in various junior high schools and elementary schools; it is hoped that everyone will continue their cooperation to promote the program and attain the benefit of education.

The learning motivation of high-risk students is enhanced through diverse courses, so as to cultivate their correct learning attitude and concept, reinforce the students’ ability to adapt in school and allow them to be gradually introduced to regular courses.

II. Services
The program consists of five major event categories:
Counseling community life camp activity: Focusing on students with adjustment disorder to develop diverse adaptability, strengthen underachieving students’ life learning, schoolwork counseling and social skills.

Small group counseling therapeutic activity for high-risk students:
The students will become familiar with themselves through small group activities, in turn affirming themselves. Licensed professional staff will be hired to conduct counseling in school regularly.

Individual counseling activity:
Effectively utilize extracurricular counseling resources to conduct professional individual counseling on teenagers with deviant behavior, so as to improve their social adaptability. Licensed professional staff will be hired to conduct individual counseling in school regularly.

Sunny teenager activity:
The students’ adaptability towards school learning life and environment is reinforced through diverse technical courses, so as to enhance the students’ sense of self worth.

Dream building teenager schoolwork counseling work:
Targeting students with inadequate family finances and resources, afterschool counseling is arranged to strengthen their schoolwork, so as to enable the students to obtain comprehensive learning and to achieve the objectives of caring for the disadvantaged and equal educational resources.

2011/5/28 Director Tu Xin-zhong visited the Community Life Camp: Sunny Teenager activity (car beauty camp).2011/6/13 Director Tu Xin-zhong visited the Community Life Camp: Dream Building Teenager Schoolwork Counseling activity.
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