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Luminous Love: Wish the Children a Bright Future

Kites need to be pulled tightly to soar high into the sky. In Tainan city, we have witnessed the luminous angels pulling the kite strings to compose colorful imagery in the sky. The Luminous Angel Lighting program is an important element to enable disadvantaged students to learn happily, as it establishes the right moral integrity and helps the little angels to stand tall and prosper.

    Due to an aging population, many people in the remote regions in Tainan City have experienced transformations in the family structure; for instance, there are problems such as single parent/parentless families, skipped generation education and the parents’ inability to educate their children etc. Together with the impact of the financial tsunami, many disadvantaged families are confronted with heavy financial burdens; often, parents have to work day and night and neglect to take care of their children, causing many students to loiter outside. They also lack the ability to care for the students’ studies; the diverse intrinsic and extrinsic factors have resulted in the unique home environment of many children in the remote regions.

By lighting up hope for education in the remote regions and bringing love to the children who need help in disadvantaged families, not only can we prevent the little angels from wandering around after school, but the burden of the financially-difficult parents will also be reduced. After three years of hard work, Tainan City has managed to light a flame for students in remote regions, thanks to everyone’s contributions. We hope to expand the Luminous Angel Lighting Up program in the future and remind people to light up their heart for the education and care of the students, as well as to help the disadvantaged students to obtain better education and care. Let us fill each corner of society with warmth, harmony and hope, because we can all be luminous angels.

2011/10/17 Andian Elementary School luminous angel computer class 2011/5/20 Shimen Elementary School little angel choir soiree
100.4.21北門國小督導訪視與小天使合照 100.3.28三股國小小天使個別作業指導
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